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Your Brain Loves Pleasure


Your Brain Loves Pleasure

Habits are formed through the neural connections in the brain.

When you undertake an activity, the brain neurons connect and create a feeling of pleasure or displeasure.

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If your brain likes it then it says, “Give me more of that!”

If the experience creates pain or anger or unpleasantness then the brain will send you messages to resist any more activity that feels like discomfort.

This is how habits are formed.

After a while, neuron pathways are created based on your activities, so it becomes easier to do those activities most especially if they are pleasurable. 

This does not mean the experiences are good for you like over indulging in food or alcohol.

However, your brain does not make the choice as to what you are doing.

It only provides the good feeling or not so good feeling.

As the habit continues for any length of time it becomes harder to change it because when the pleasurable feeling comes up the brain screams at you to get into action to provide more of the good feeling.

The choice to participate, however, is yours. 

Yes, you are in charge of making the choice to go ahead or not.

The power to choose rests with you.

The mindful focus you bring to your life determines the path you follow.

You are in charge.

You are responsible.

Don’t leave your life decisions up to the auto pilot created in your brain because it just likes the pleasure feeling.

This is who you are.