I bet you are busy. You have a busy life so much to do, so many places to go, so many people to connect with and so many decisions to make. How do you manage it all?

Many of us go into our adapted self using the life strategies we learned as a kid and go to work multi tasking as much as we can while the smart phone buzzes on our hip and the email grinder dishes out 1oo’s of messages that require instant responses. Whew! What a tear. When will it all calm down?

Looks like never from here.

There is an option. This is just a suggestion for your good health and ease of heart.


After you have stopped for a while be quiet and listen.

As you listen, open your heart to what the next thing is you are led to do.

Then walk slowly, talk slowly, drive slowly and most of all talk to yourself gently and softly.

Now, you have the soul and heart space to move into activity with your feet on the ground and your heart open to see and listen.