It has been my discovery as I age that my body becomes tighter and less flexible. yoga classI see the twenty somethings in yoga class and admire their ability to bend in ways I can only remember.

It looks like our attitudes get like this too.

We become entrenched in our ideas as being right.

We dig our heels in when someone attempts to give us a new idea or a new way of looking at something.

When we make the choice to stretch our minds, bodies and attitudes our hearts open to access a greater love.

I wonder what is it you hold as being right about?

What is your heart closed to?

The energy of life is pumped through our hearts on a moment to moment basis all day, every day.

Yet, the pathways to an expansive energetic life in which love is experienced are hardened by our attitudes.

This seemed to creep up over the years without any particular effort, unless of course, there was someone or something I focused on and shut out.

Now, as we mature let’s make a choice to stretch and open our hearts with love.

The more we put into the world the more it will return.

It looks to me like our world needs it right now.

This is who you are.