Does life seem busy to you?

Everyone I talk to complains about how busy their life is.

It is as though we have all gotten on a runaway train which is out of control.

Do you feel the stress?

My research shows that we have adapted to stress as the new normal, almost a badge of honour...'let me tell you how much I am coping with'!

We humans are so very adaptable.

We have adapted to a lifestyle of over work, over engagement in our personal and professional lives and, rationalized it all as necessary and normal.

It feels normal to us to be in a rush.

You can experience it in our driving patterns. Everyone is going faster.

What, if anything, is there to do about this?

Nothing if you choose that route.

Yes, we live in a high stress world and we do have to manage but studies show long term our body and emotional state is suffering.

Our stress will not go away but we can improve the quality of our lives not by ignoring it but by becoming aware of how it feels then making a few simple changes.

Here are a few things you can try:

    1    Sit quietly for ten minutes a day

    2    Read inspirational stories

    3    Walk and drive more slowly

    4    Eat healthy food and take the time to sit down and eat slowly

    5    Get lots of rest. (How about a nap?)

As you pay attention to how you feel you will cope better and learn how to take care of yourself.

Aware then adaptable...

This is who you are.