You are such a kid. I don’t care how old you are you are still a kid in what looks like an adult body.

Every since you were born you have played the game of “please love me.”

You are not alone we all do it and have done it.

If a child does not have approval and love from the giants that surround them they are left with a space in their heart that says something like, “I am not good enough, otherwise they would love me.”

The power of love is like a rich cream that is luscious, smooth and undeniably addictive.

It is time to give up your strategy of approval to prove that you are lovable.

You have always been lovable and always will be.

When you know you are in this world to express who you authentically are.

When you know you want to be included more than you want your next breath.

Then you hold the power of awareness that when you show up every part of you is vibrating with your heart power.

You knock them off their feet with your love.

This is who you are.