“Drop the story and find the feeling” Pema Chodron You have a very interesting and stressful life according to the story of your mind.

All these years you have been taught to navigate life’s difficulties by figuring out what is the best strategy to overcome the situation and move on.

Most telling is the degree to which your mind wants to avoid the ‘bad’ feelings and het hold of the ‘good’ feelings.

When this happens you get completely sidetracked by trying to move away from what you are feeling.

When you go into the feeling no matter what it is whether it is anger or hurt or loneliness just allow yourself to feel the feelings. Then they will pass

You see everything is momentary so to speak. If you want your expression of your personal power then allow for these feelings to be fully embraced.

Then you have a foothold to be in the present moment again.

This is who you are.