Every day is a new door through which to step into your life. Actually, there is more than one door, there are three.  

The first door is that of your past. You live in the sunshine of past accomplishments or the darkness  of past failures. Each step of the day is accompanied by the feelings and emotions of a life gone by.


The second door is the door of your future. You live in the grandiosity of what might be. Your ego makes up pictures of tall buildings, millions of people and piles of money. There is happiness in the ego self, as the feelings pour into your day.


The third door is the door of the present moment. There is history, yet it is not carried here to be displayed as a museum piece. There is a future picture but not one that blurs clear intuitive thinking, acting and speaking.


The present moment  is here to be lived with what is.There can be disappointments, joyful moments and satisfaction. All of it accepted and lived through it one moment at a time.


The leader in you is a warrior of the moment. Your capability is strongly rooted in your ground of being right here and right now. There is no other place or way to be. The leader within you knows this.


The door you choose today creates your life today. One day at a time you create a life. 


Each door represents your power of choice today.


This is who you are.