Having made the decision to pause in the writing of Hopeful Notes, I immediately notice there is a big space.

This accentuates the change process and wakes up the ego.

The ego, always the helper, wants to ensure I am OK  so it goes about trying to immediately fill the space so I won’t feel the discomfort. 

The ego chatters on filling my brain with rationalizations and  justifications while attempting to clarify the process so that I will have more certainty.

However, when we are in a transition time certainty is not the way through.

The way through, as I know it, is to step toward the uncertainty, embrace the discomfort in my body, my mind and my soul and sit in quiet reflection until the next step to take shows up…and it always does.

In the moment is where the richness of the process demonstrates itself to me.

This takes a certain amount of confidence in the universal energy available to me.

When I leave the present moment I lose connection to that part of me which will guide me in this time of transition.

All the elements of body, mind, soul and ego show up as part of this time.

It’s a busy place inside me right now.

So, as many times as I have to, I make the choice to follow what is given.

Moment to moment……

I appreciate you as a fellow traveller.