It is spring in my part of the world. The snow has finally melted and the plants are pushing their green shoots toward the sun.

I looked in the yard the other day and where there did not seem to be any plants a week ago now all of a sudden there is green everywhere.

It makes my heart happy to see the plants coming up again.

The plants coming up remind me of the spring ritual we had when I was a kid.

Spring cleaning was always a big deal in our house when I was growing up.

Washing and dusting in all the corners that apparently were missed during the winter.

It was also a time to throw out or give away old clothing and things that were considered no longer to be useful.

Today I go into my closet to see what I can give away or recycle.

Why is it so hard?

I look at shirts I have not worn for a long time and consider keeping them for one more season just in case I will use them.

What is it about holding on that gives us such comfort?

If we keep something then what?

We feel more secure.

We feel more certain about things.

Yet, the old shirt hangs in the closet waiting forever for someone to use it.

We hold on to lots of stuff way too long, it seems to me.

Clothing, toys, furniture and attitudes and behaviors too, get tucked away in a  corner of our basement or our mind and stay there of as long as we think they serve some purpose.

I think it is a good idea to take a look at what we are carrying along we no longer need.

Even though we feel more comfortable with these things, they keep the door closed to new possibilities.

If you want to know yourself better take on a spring cleaning project in your home and in your mind and heart.

You don’t know what new will show up until you make room for it.

This is who you are.