There is energy in springtime. Everything is awakening from the sleep of winter to bring forth the beauty within itself. You can see it in the tulips beside the house. They absorb the heat from the foundation and using the heat of the day start to poke their colorful heads towards the sky.

All winter the flowers, weeds, grass and even the ants have lived under the ground beneath the snow holding their beauty and power to the center of their being.  All of their life beauty waiting for the big melt to open the door once more so the world can see what they are capable of.

Everyone has a winter. It is time for rest, for rejuvenation and for reflection. Yet not one second of this time takes anything away from the essence of who you are.

The flowers know when it is time to move up and out because the essence of the flower is to know when to move with the timeliness of nature.

You also have this knowing within your essence. It has always been so.

Now spring is here for real. The sun is out, the temperature is rising and the time to blossom is upon us.

It is your spring beautiful one. Go forth and blossom.