Hello little spiderYou live on a vast web in your universe. It feels like you are alone even though you see other spiders. You go about your business and every day you see the other spiders scampering around. If they pass close enough they barely have time to say hello. They don’t seem to have any interest in your spot on the web. They just go merrily on with their business. Everyone including you taking it in stride like you have dominion over your territory. It just seems that you are not connected to them at all. They have their space on the web and you have yours. How much more individual could it be? Well, first you paint your section of the web a different colour. That identifies it as yours. Then you build a fence around it so no one can come in without your permission. When you go out make sure to lock up your space because you have valuable stuff in there. You happily tippy toe along the web noticing the colours of the other web sections, the height of their fences and whether they have a bigger section than you. Heck they might even have a view that you don’t have. Ah, something to work towards. Yes, all the spiders on the web. Everyone looks different, speaks different and some are even a different colour and they live very far away on the other side of webland. It all seems like the way to get ahead on the web is to do your best to get more web under your control. It’s kind of a status thing in webland. Just one problem with this entire spoof little spider. The fact that you are on this web invisibly connects you to all the other spiders. Every move you make, every word you utter, every act you engage in sends out energy across the web that all the other spiders feel. It is so subtle you can kid yourself it isn't true. That might be a folly practice. You know what I mean. No doubt about it little spider you, me and them. We are all in it together. Howiej