You wake up in the morning with a full beautiful day ahead of you.

Most likely, if you are like most of us, you have a full day planned.

Full being the operative word.

Isn’t it interesting how there are times when you feel like you have lots of space in your life.

Then other times experiences come along and all of a sudden there is no space.

You sense the walls closing in on you and you need to bring your feet to ground so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Times like when a baby is born.

You get a new job.

You get married.

You move to a new city.

Like a friend of mine, you get a diagnosis of cancer with a two year protocol  in the hopes of beating it back.

All these experiences good and bad, happy and sad fill our life.

At least the impression we have is the space in our life has been taken up.

I had this experience recently when I was rolling along in my day when news came from an unexpected source that an outcome I expected within a few weeks would not happen as I planned it.

Bam! The feelings rose up in me of frustration, anger and powerlessness as I spent two hours on the phone trying to convince others that I was right. 

I could feel my breathing tighten, my mind racing and my heart pumping.

Then I looked out the window at a beautiful sunny spring day and asked myself, “What the heck am I doing?”

When we give away our personal power based on or righteousness we get ourselves in trouble.

So, like coming to a railway crossing I declared “STOP!”

Here’s what I did to bring the mindful presence back into my body, emotions and mind:

Put the phone down. I refused to allow myself one more rant at someone.

Go for a walk. I took a slow walk around the block in the sunshine.

I had a cup of tea. Sipping slowly tasting the good flavors.

 I read an inspirational magazine. In twenty minutes the inspirational story took me out of my reaction to the situation and brought me back to my body.

Meditation for ten minutes. The quiet time allowed me to feel my breath, put my feet on the ground and once again feel the space in my life.

The feeling of our life closing in on us is self constructed.

We do it through our self talk and letting our mind run on at the mouth.

Be still.

Make a new choice and space returns so you can move on with your life in a nourishing and positive way.

This is who you are.