There is a Knowing within you that has enough information to fill a vast library of knowing. Is it not amazing that so much knowing can be contained in such a small space?

You might say it is in your mind.

You might say it is in your heart.

You might say it is in your soul.

The exact location is not as important as knowing it is there.

You were born with knowing who you are and what you stand for in the world.

It seems that this has been forgotten as you grew up and adapted to the world around you.

You can have the confidence that what you need to know, I mean really know, is available to you right now in this moment.

You will need to practice quietness so that the forgotten becomes known again.

That’s all there is to do really, just be quiet and bring your awareness to that which you can affirm is within you.

Then listen carefully and learn to trust the voice of your knowing. It is with you all the way.