It happened.

I made the big decision to put Hopeful Notes to rest for a while and then hardly before the next breath is taken I am rolling around in the middle of the night with gremlins of doubt running through my head.

They make a lot of noise.

It is Sellers remorse. You never should have let it go, so says the ego.

The rational ego speaks loudly of people being let down, the loss of connection and the loneliness I will feel after this week.

My greatest fear is loneliness.

My ego knows that and speaks to that very thing because it is my weak spot.

I am sure many of you know this syndrome.

It is the ego doing its best work to maintain the status quo where it looks like certainty and safety are what I need.

But you know, if I never take the leap I will not experience the void.

I choose consciously to walk into the void because it is the way through to my next iteration.

I am not going anywhere.

You will hear from me again.

However, the me that will show up will have more dimension, more access to my authentic self and a clear knowing of my purpose.

Thanks for hanging in here with me.