Do you not love to think about your self and cherish your self for all that you bring to the world? I have found a great deal of delight in talking to myself about my life and all the good things happening as well as the challenges.

It always seems I am right when I work through the items on my to do list.

This had me thinking about other people and the relationships we are in every day.

In our world it is pretty hard not to be in relationship with one or many people every day.

I was thinking about our engagement being self centered or other centered.

Just because we are here engaging in a conversation or a transaction does not mean we have to open our heart or be present to you.

What would happen, however, if we took time to be other centered?

Yes, centered on how others around us are doing?

Would our relationships be stronger, more fulfilling and more connected?

If we are in a work environment and made the effort to connect with our co-workers more attentively, might we have better relationships?

I think the answer to these questions would be a resounding “Yes.”

Here are some ideas I have thought about when we take the approach of being other centered:

If you choose to live mindfully you start to notice who and what is around you.

Respond rather than react. When you are present to how you feel in situations you are better able to respond rather than react.

Start small. No need to take it all on at once. Just notice how you can focus on others you are most comfortable with first. Then broaden your reach.

Mindfulness is not navel gazing. When you are mindful to yourself, you will find that you become more sensitive to others’ energy and actions. This allows you to respond appropriately to situations.

When life sucks is usually when we react out of the feelings we have about a situation.

Learn to take care of yourself by bringing your awareness to your life on a moment to moment basis.

My bet is you will find yourself happier.

This is who you are.