A child is born and everyone says YES this is a miracle. Then child grows up and learns to say YES when internally they mean no.

Our conditioning to meet expectations, fit into the family and feel ok about ourselves creates a way of acting in the world where our insides don’t always match our outsides.

 Passive aggressive behaviours are developed and acted out from early in our life so we can feel like we have control or power over our situation.

The skill of discernment is skewed into a way that the child has a hard time knowing what they really want.

What is it you really want to say YES to in your life?

Look into your heart and see if there is alignment in what you are agreeing to and what that feels like.

The feeling of a YES is a big blast of joy when it is coming from what your heart knows is true for you.

It feels heavy if you are saying yes when you really mean no and your heart knows that you want to say no.

The practice of saying YES when you are fully engaged on all levels will bring energy to it and there will be a feeling like your YES is going out into the world with energy and purpose.

This is who you are.