Yesterday I visited and sat with the Mona Lisa in the famous Louvre museum in Paris. The tears ran down my face as the crowd surrounding me disappeared and she and I were alone for a moment.

Mona LisaThe tears were of joy and gratitude that someone like Leonardo could paint a portrait and have it be so powerfully authentic.

Yet in the moment I could not help but ask what is the portrait of my life I am painting?

What is the legacy I want to leave?

It is a simple question.

What is the legacy of your life?

What are we spending our time creating?

It’s not about complaint anymore.

It is about intention to create a beautiful masterpiece of one’s life.

No one may ever know you or me as Leonardo is known but does that matter?

He painted with passion.

He painted with intention.

You can see and feel the painter working with his subject.

Whatever time you and I have perhaps we need to reflect on our purpose and intention.

Go forward with your passion in your life.

Don’t let anything stand in your way.

Leonardo proved that to me as I met the masterpiece of his life.

Now it is up to me and you to do our part.

There is so much more to tell about this story.

It will unfold in the weeks and years ahead.

This is who you are.