Don’t ya get tired of the same old stuff coming up all the time? Same patterns repeating themselves like those pop up games on the midway.

They say there is something to learn in everyday life. For sure when I am paying attention I can see the patterns and feel the effects of them on my body, mind and spirit.

It just feels like the same old stuff all the time, day after day I learn one more time I am a perfectionist.  I know the Achilles heel of the perfectionist is that I can never get it perfect! Darn it!

It came to my awareness today that the longer I hold on, the older I get and if I hold on to the old stuff until I die I may not enjoy the life I say I want to experience in joy and fun.

So give up the fight. Let it go. Write a forgiveness letter, a good-bye letter or get mad... whatever it takes so I can move on.

Time to let go of those patterns that keep popping up just like on the midway.


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