“Children begin by loving their parents; as they grow older they judge them; sometimes they forgive them.”  ― Oscar Wilde

Rolling in the mud can be fun, if you have your kidlike attitude on.

No we wouldn’t want you doing something your adult friends would not approve of.

However, in fact you have been rolling in the mud ever since you were a kid.

The mud came in the form of stories from your parents and family and coated you in a thick layer of clay like material that has hardened into a shell.

The shell is the form we call your adapted self.

You look pliable enough. You can move and talk and run.

Yet here you are encased in a clay mold that has all your stories, strategies and ways of behaving you have learned since you were a baby.

Now your strategies get used automatically without any review as to whether they work for you or not.

Your mold has you behaving in ways that worked when you were a kid but work less functionally now.

You might be happy to keep your clay mold if you think it works for you.

As you up the ante of your moment to moment awareness just check it out to see what is working. Is fear working for you? Is judgment working for you? Is taking care of everyone else working for your soul nourishment?

If you want to break the mold you will have to look at a new approach.

Get to know and trust your intuition.

The voice of your intuition is alive and well in your three year old that had joy and fun splashing out all over.

Your intuition is that part of you that knows the peace of love at the soul level.

Your intuition is the awakened part of you that can enjoy just the beauty of this moment.

When you trust your intuition you break apart the old mold. The clay is gone.

You see with new eyes and you hear with new ears because your heart is activated to the attentiveness of now.

This is who you are.