In our quest to get it right we delve into the morass of accumulating more data in the hopes of providing us with enough data to make the right decision. It doesn’t really matter what the decision is about, your ego and mine love to jump into and control the process to bring about a decision that satisfies  whatever historical paradigm you are working from.

Some of us have a need to get it right all the time. We have learned that to be wrong is bad and no one wants to be bad.

We want to be prefect because that is what someone has taught us as the only possible outcome that will bring us satisfaction.

Unfortunately all the data collection, analysis and intellectual gymnastics will only provide a decision, not necessarily the right one.

There really is no right decision.

There is a decision to be made but how do we live with the outcome?

The decision that is right as compared to the right decision will come from your heart.

It will be brought into the light like a seed growing beneath the earth.

When it comes you will know in your “gut” that is is right for you.

This means we need to be in touch with that part of us that knows.

I call this wisdom.

We all have a part of us that is wise, aware and mindful.

Sometimes we are not fully utilizing this faculty but it does not mean it is not there or available to us.

Here’s how I have been working on accessing my wisdom. I know it is a work in progress and may always be so but then that’s life.

Slow Down. I have learned that when I speed up I miss signposts along the road. My body gets hot, I feel anxious and my attention flits from one thing to another very fast. Walk slowly.

Change the Game. When you are deeply involved in something one of the ways to change your energy and reaction to it is to take a few minutes and do something completely different. Go for a walk, read a book for a few minutes, doodle or have a nap. Anything that interrupts the focus on what you are doing will revive the creative juices.

Talk it Over. I find talking things over with someone is a good way to clear the thinking patterns. Someone else will have afresh look at what you are doing and give you a new view. You just have to be open to learning without talking any feedback as you being wrong.

This is who you are.