You decide if you have the resolve to make the choices you know must be made  

If you are bitten by a fly your choice is to take care of yourself or not. You know the consequences.

Now there may be obstacles on your road to where you wish to go. They do not define you they only show up to test your resolve.

You have the power of choice in every instance

No one can do it for you.

No one wants to.

Now it the time to nourish yourself.

Now is the time to recognize your true value.

It is all about acceptance no matter what. Visual appeal, hair, no hair, tall or short or other attributes only speak to the surface of who you are.

Your resolve of your heart is a special promise to your life.

Make it so that your promise is fulfilled.

You may have to choose today and tomorrow and even after that

No matter choose it anyway.

That will show you the resolve you have

For the promise of your life