It seems to me as I talk with you each day that I reference the past quite a bit. There’s a reason for that.

It is because we cannot escape the fact that being brought up in families we had to adapt in order to get along, get the love we were seeking and to basically survive until we could take care of ourselves.

Along the way I have noticed that many people have developed and perfected the “Resistance Habit.”

This is the habit of always creating an internal energy of upset when there is something to be done you don’t want to do. It’s like digging your heals in.

It seems that we are programmed to resist anything that we judge as being something that is uncomfortable or hard or irritating. It can be things like doing the taxes, making the bed cutting the lawn or picking the kids up after school.

So we feel angry, hard done by and definitely grumpy as we forge ahead with tasks that are perhaps required of us but inside us we feel the resistance and resentment.

No fun here! The way past resistance is to let go of the habit. Your mind has a voice of resistance, your body has actions of resistance and you have strategies that are planned out to avoid the uncomfortable situation.

You must first bring yourself to consciousness about the honest resistance and ultimately the resentment you have toward whatever it is you feel you are trapped into.

Once you get honest with yourself , make an irrevocable promise to yourself that if you absolutely must do something then you will bring your best self to it.

Immediately you will feel your body relax your mind chatter quiet a bit and your attitude become more positive.

Habits take practice to change. It is not a one shot deal. You need to choose again and again to create a new internal outcome for yourself notwithstanding the situation.

It is the way to heart health to let go of the habit of resistance and instead get yourself into a new habit of flow.

You have the power of choice internal to you. You decide how you want to feel. Then decide to let go of resistance.


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