Hopeful Notes BookConsider for a moment that everything is just energy. Sure we all look solid.  Our cars look solid as do the buildings around us yet it is all energy. Energy flows where there is no resistance. When resistance shows up the energy finds a new path to follow just like a river would find its way around obstacles.

You might ask yourself what is your resistance to today.

 Is there resistance to giving all you have to the family?

Do you have resistance to your work?

Is there resistance to all the family stuff that happens over the holidays?

Maybe there is resistance to following your dream.

Is there resistance to living as you know you must if you are to fulfill all that is with you and ahead of you?

When resistance shows up the gremlin of your ego shows up along with it.

Then the stories start when you tell yourself about why you have this resistance, assuming you are aware of it.

As you tell your story of resistance to yourself you become so busy in it that presence is lost.

When presence is lost then the richness of the moment is gone.

Before you know it you are a long way from your heart and not available to take in the experience of now.

Now you have left behind the knowing of what you are living for.

If you have a notion to release your resistance then you will need to bring persistence into your life.

Persistence comes from an intention to follow the path of your heart.

Let the path of least resistance show up to take you where you say you would like to go.

Your world opens up when you let go of resistance engage persistence and you deeply connect with the passion of your heart.

Turn to it now. It is right here waiting for you.