The sun rises every day to give us the light to work and play in.

The sun sets every day to give us the chance to reflect, rest and restore in the ongoing journey of our life.

And everyday we follow the routine of the sun to start and end our day at times we are familiar with.

Experiences happen along the way.

We take them in, deal with them and sometimes move on.

There are times when we hold on too long relishing the pain or the pleasure beyond when it is time to let it go.

That’s the journey.

We have lots of opportunity to figure out how to participate in the journey moment by moment.

In all of this, the ego and the heart live side by side abiding each other in a relationship.

On the one hand the ego wants to run the show and many times it does.

Then there are times when our heart opens to the feelings showing up in the moment of a particular experience.

We have it all, these various aspects of who we are and how we are made up.

That’s why we can live renewed every day if we so choose.

This is who you are.