I have talked to so many people striving for balance in their life.  

They work too much, spend too much time in traffic, drive kids all over the city and respond to life’s demands that seem to be out of their control.


One of the clues of your life balance is to look at the number of used fast food wrappers in the car.


The level of stress grows as the Holiday season is here. It just adds to the already busy schedule. Naturally you strive to fit it all in.


It’s what you’ve always done as you try to be…what? Good for someone?


My suggestion is to readjust in a conscious way.


Pause a Moment. Take a break and look at what you are doing. Is it all necessary? Is it what you want to do?

Meditate. Take five minutes twice a day to quiet your heart, put your fleet on the floor and turn off the phone.

Set Priorities. No one wins when you burn yourself out trying to do it all in a minimum amount of time. You may have to let something go. That happens. When you let it go know in your heart it is the right thing for you in the moment. Your loved ones want you here not the shell of you.


When you readjust consciously I think you open the possibility to reignite the life spark in you that is always there.

When you have the spark you feed the flame.

When you feed the flame the passion will flow and your creative nature will be available for you and all those you touch.


This is the gift of readjusting consciously.


This is who you are.