Have you noticed how everything speeds up around this time of year?  

Last week there were the normal things to do, no big deal, all seemed normal. This week the universe conspires to have my dishwasher break down, my soft water equipment to be upgraded and junk to be taken out of the garage before the holidays, all of which are a requirement now (in my mind).


The driving too seems more frantic to me. Maybe it’s just me anxious in the busy atmosphere.


I think we need some strategies for these times of higher stress.


First, let’s start from the inside out.


What’s going on in there? When you check in with yourself during the day it gives you a few minutes to pause, catch your breath and feel your feet on the ground.

The awareness of how you are in the moment gives you more control than reacting from your auto pilot.

You remind yourself you are in charge of how you react to situations. There may be crazy things happening around you but that does not mean you have to participate.


When I get buzzing in the stress of the moment my heart rate goes up, my mind spins and I feel a bit frantic.

Do you know the feeling?


Let’s slow it down and take a break.


No matter what is going on you can take a moment to stop and breathe.


I call it giving yourself a hug break. No matter what is happening, when you say, “Hug Break” to yourself you stop and take a few minutes to quiet your system.


We forget in this “silly” season that we are connected from the inside out not the other way around.


It’s just that situations and people push our buttons, so we act as though we are programmed from the outside in.


Here’s how to take care of yourself. It’s what I have done for years, not well mind you but I keep trying:


Hug Break: Give yourself a series of three minute breaks during the day.

Check In: Ask yourself how you are and then listen for the answer. It will tell you what you need in the moment.

Conscious Breathing: Practice awareness breathing from your belly not your throat.


This is who you are.