Most people seem to agree that if you want to get rid of surplus stuff around the house just put it on Kijiji. It will sell or you can give it away.

That old freezer in the basement got to go out the door in less than one hour when it was offered on Kjiji for free.

What a concept. Letting go is free and it is freedom

What is created when you let something go?

Space. What do you fill the space with?

That is your choice. If you do not make a conscious choice the universe will fill it for you. I hope it’s something you like.

When something is done then let it go. It has no value when you are finished with it.

Our tendency is to hold on to stuff like it has value to us. The old pictures stuffed into a corner, old relationships put into the closet, jobs that we are done with but keep going to and ideas and strategies we don’t need anymore and yet we keep using.

Put your stuff on the universal kijiji.

The universal Kijiji is your conscious awareness of your state. It is a sensitive knowing that there are things, people and experiences in your life you just don’t need or want anymore.

It is the honesty with which you are willing to look yourself in the mirror and tell the truth about where you are and what you are going to do about it.

When you are ready to let them go put them out on your universal Kijiji and let them go.

You can bring in joy, vision, and life intention and lots more to fill the space left by the stuff you don’t need or want anymore. You will feel the excitement when you experience the letting go.

This is who you are.