There is no room to pick anything up, shake another’s hand or play a musical instrument when something is held tightly in one’s fists. When both fists are clenched in anger, frustration or regret of the past there is so much holding on that one cannot give a hug or speak softly.

The breath is short, the chest is tight and words come out that may be regretted later.

It is time to put down your pain. Whatever you are holding onto from the past long ago or recently are not worth your life energy now.

It is your time to choose to live fully. Yes, choose to live fully so that not another moment is wasted in bringing you to full expression.

You have music to play, people to guide, children to mentor, all whom will be bereft of your joy if you keep your fists clenched.

Now is the time to open your hands and your heart to your world to full engagement in your life.