If you want to be successful from the inside out then be prepared to spend some time in being quiet and asking yourself some questions about what your purpose is and how to get it done. The great Indian Philosopher and teacher Krishnamurti said that in the subtle action of meditation you awaken your soul to providing guidance toward your purpose.

It is a practice no doubt to focus on what it is you want to accomplish.

Your intention to fulfill your purpose requires a focus from the inside out. The fact is that your resource base is within you.

You do believe you have a purpose, don’t you?

I think everyone of us does have a purpose and we each have unique qualities to fulfill that purpose.

It is in the heat of the day when you are driving all over town and involved in what seems to be a never ending series of meetings and interactions that your purpose evades you.

Believe me you have a bigger role to play but you are the one who must ask for it and be guided to complete it.

I have told you before my intention is to bring hope and inspiration to every generation one person at a time. I believe that I am to do that by writing books and facilitating groups.

My next book is about twenty-five per cent done. It takes focus, persistence, patience and self compassion to keep working away on what sometimes looks like an endless task.

You have this within you as well. The world needs your gifts and talents.

How will you bring them forward and activate them?