The world seems full of worry about one thing or another. Ask your friends about what they are worried about and they will give you a laundry list.

In the prediction of the outcome is the illusion of certainty.

We are prone to predict the certainty of failure or success depending on our perspective of the day.

We have taken in the rules, the methods and the way things have always been done and have been told that there is no other way.

When we are locked into a mindless way of doing things we are out of the moment and not paying attention to what is possible.

In any prediction there are various outcomes.

The idea then, of locking into a particular stream, leaves a lot of alternatives not seen as being applicable to the situation.

What if we give up the idea around getting it right and just go ahead and get something done.

When you bring yourself present, which is to say, out of the rules, then you are open to new possibilities.

I know I have been caught in there is only one way to do something.

I like to be right so when I learn a method, it is hard to adjust to see what else is possible.

That’s because I don’t want to look silly or do it wrong.

That is a perceptive illusion too.

There are only different outcomes.

Some are better than others but they are still just outcomes.

If you want to feel better, have more energy and act ten years younger than you are, I suggest getting present in the moment of your life.

Make space for the one who is here.

Tell her you love her more than once a day.

Ask her what she needs. She will tell you if you listen.

The power within you to be present in your life is a forgotten aspect.

When you bring it forward and let it shine in new creative, spontaneous ways you open doors that have been closed up until now.

You will feel alive from the inside out.

This is who you are.