How is it possible to feel the preciousness of each moment? There seems so many of them in our life time, can we not waste a few?


Yet no matter how long we inhabit this planet. Being with our family and creating whatever we create, still the time seems short when a loved one leaves us. We are reminded of our own vulnerability.


In our own lives we must pay attention to how we use our time each day.

This takes focus and practice and reminding ourselves that we are important to this world and we have a role and a purpose.


If you have misplaced your purpose, I suggest it is time to start a research project to find it again.


When you were a little kid you knew what you wanted. You were certain of the things you loved.


Come back to your life again and find what it is your time on this earth is intended  to be.


You are a precious human. Some of us have lost sight of who we are and what we stand for. We walk through each day as though we have little value. We walk as though each moment in time can pass us by and we don’t have to pay attention to it.


This is your time.

This is your day.

This is your life.


Take it by the heart and love it so much that your purpose here will appear and in the meantime walk as though it already has.


This is who you are.