All of us have an energy field that surrounds us. This energy field extends beyond our body by some eight to ten feet.So wherever you go your energy goes into the room before you do. People feel your energy even if they cannot put words to it.


You are responsible for your energy field. If you have negative thoughts, judge people around you all day and criticize events you will send out negative energy into the world and in some way it will come back to you.


I was at an event the other week and a co-worker acknowledged the person I was walking with, something like this.


Hey it’s Friday. Finally the end of an ugly week.


My colleague responded, “Yea, I’m glad it’s Friday. It’s the only reason I got up today. I almost called in sick.”


What do you think I could conclude from this  short conversation?


How do you think I felt? I was walking with this person discussing an idea I thought was important to both of us and she was complaining about getting out of bed.


Presence is the awareness to know how you feel from the inside out.


Do your insides match your outside?


So many of us learned in our families that what was shown on the outside was not what was going on in the privacy of the family home (the inside).


There are three keys to presence I have learned


First, you need to practice being aware of how you feel. Check in with yourself during the day to see how things are going.


Second, Take responsibility for how you show up. Wherever you are is not a throw away situation. The people you are with expect you to be with them.


Third, check in with those you are with to see how they are. Their answer will give you a good measure of how you need to be with them.

You can check in on the inside to see how you are and what is called for in the situation.


Your presence is large. It is much larger than you might imagine.

You make an impact far beyond what you most likely think you do.


Powerful, intimate relationships thrive on everyone being present and knowing when they are not.


It is within you. You just need to practice.


This is who you are.