In the game of hockey there is what is known as the power play. That is when one team plays short handed so the other team has the advantage.The power play only lasts a couple of minutes. That can be a long time when you have a powerful team at full strength.

The human ego is like a team playing at full strength and we feel like we are at a disadvantage.

This is our reaction from the inside to the world outside. We have a big ego judge that seemingly never goes off the power play, to convince us of who we are, how we should handle ourselves and what we should say.

The ego operates on history. It does not have the capability to look into your future and plan a new game with new rules. It always uses the old rules.

Change your game through mindful living.

1. Live moment to moment with awareness

2. Take care of your body. Don’t have that extra piece of cake.

3. Take time to do the things you love.

 The power is in you now and when activated brings innovation, creativity and fulfillment. 

This is who you are.