Powerful appetites for food, drink, lust and anything else that bring your ego something called satisfaction are powerful pulls to engage in your life in ways that do not serve you any longer.  Your ego has developed a particular appetite for goodies. There is no governor on the ego if it is allowed to choose your life for you. Excuse me for a moment while I have another left over Easter chocolate. (Well someone has to finish it.)

So the ego speaks and we listen without reference to the essence of soul. That part of you that knows the truth. The ego is not affected by “too much” or “not enough”. It only knows your history and continues along the path based on what it knows not on what you imagine for your life going forward.

Your gifts and talents shine above all the rest to be put aside while you sup at the banquet table satisfying your ego centered appetite.

That is as long as you are willing to choose the ego as the driver rather than your knowing.

You are so much more than your ego driven appetite. It is only a projection of wanting something. When wanting gets out of control there is a grasping for more.

You are so much more than your appetite.

When you become aware of your appetite then also become aware of the choice that goes with it. Look into your knowing to see what it feels like.

Then you know what to choose. You choose your powerful ego driven appetite or your powerful life.