In the game of hockey there is what is known as the power play. That is when one team plays with one man short so the other team has an advantage.This only lasts a short time, sometimes only two minutes. That can be a long time when you have a powerful team at full strength.  

The feeling of being at a disadvantage happens to us from time to time. 


Sometimes it is someone who is treating us with disrespect and pretending to be of superior quality compared to us. This is the external power play that has us playing hard with a big knot in our stomach.


Then there is our reaction from the inside to the world outside. We have a big ego judge that seemingly never goes off the power play, to convince us of who we are, how we should handle ourselves and what we should say.

Your ego always wants to be right. That’s the way it knows best and it has a big voice.


You can fight it for a long time and the ego just seems to get stronger.


The ego operates on history. It does not have the capability to look into your future and plan a new game with new rules. It always uses the old rules.


Change your game through mindful living.


Mindful living is living in the moment with awareness. You bring awareness to your body, mind and spirit.


From this place you can create your future without the old rules. There is no need for a power play here. The power is in you already and when activated brings innovation, creativity and fulfillment. 


Your essential self is available to you through your mindful practice. One moment at a time. 


This is who you are.