A Little story: Their dad had not spoken for ten years but still was at home. His brain was not functioning and he was unable to communicate with his family. One day his two sons were with him when he slumped over in his chair. The older son rushed to his side and at the same time told his younger brother to call 911.


A voice the son had not heard for ten years said, “Don’t call 911 son. Tell your mother I love her.”

At which point the father died.


Is this his brain working that brought the words or it is beyond the brain to what we call mind?

They are different.


Deepak Chopra says we must answer the question, “Who am I?”


He further proposes that the answer does not lie in our brain but in our mind.


The brain is a physical aspect of us filled with neurons and cells and synapses. These are physical elements.


What about our consciousness that resides beyond the brain?


You have access to as much information, skill and creativity as Shakespeare.


There is more available for you than has been taught to you in your upbringing. Much more.


When you choose to go beyond the box that you have built with your brain you see that the vista of consciousness is available to you.


Do you want a more expanded, interesting, fulfilling life?


Then now is the time to accept that you are exceptionally qualified to tap into the consciousness to create your experience.


This is who you are.