The tulip bulbs have rested quietly under the snow all winter waiting for the sun’s warmth to open the door to spring and a new season of blossoming. Has this plant struggled while it rested? Will it struggle to reach the sky?

What it has done is to allow the evolutionary process to take place.

Everything is in constant evolution, including you.

All aspects of you change and shift every second of your life. It is so subtle that you do not notice it. One day you are crawling on the floor learning about your new world and the next you are a fully grown adult.

As you evolve you can bring your awareness to it.

Sometimes it feels painful to us as we lose a loved one or find ourselves at the end of a relationship that has run its course. Life is a wave intended for us to be engaged in all of it.

Your life is one of evolution and a bigger horizon for you to see and explore and put into action the gifts you have to bring.

You are a miracle of evolution.

When you see this and understand that your essential self is moving up and out in your world you can ride the wave to a new destiny.

You are the flower blooming in the garden without struggle just allowing growth to take place as it naturally does.

This is who you are.