You and I are like fish swimming in an ocean.We can’t see the edges.

We are so familiar with our surroundings we don’t even realize we are swimming in water.

The familiarity of our life with all its color, activities, worries and joy provides the perfect medium for us to grow up trying to keep safe, stay the course and be loved by those we think know better than us.

As events unfold every day, we have a familiarity with how to handle them.

Some of us look at them and attack them like problems to be solved.

Good idea if solving the problem will provide you with the solace of heart you are looking for.

Many times, however, we solve the problem but don’t feel any better.

We find ourselves still trying to get somewhere.

One problem solved and another shows up.

There are others among us who see possibility wherever they are.

The tougher things are the more focus and awareness they maintain in order to see how to deepen their relationship to their life.

They want to know what there is to learn in the trials of the day.

When there is suffering of any kind, some of us know the answer lies within us not outside us.

We are aware of the problem to be solved and at the same time stay connected to our essential self in the moment.

Given that our world is vast and we can’t touch the edges, we have the choice at every moment to choose how present we are.

Do we notice who and what is around us?

Depending on how you have been trained, your historical self will rise up to manage the challenges of life in the same old way you always have.

Usually this means you have lost awareness of where you are and how you are.

In the vast ocean it is always a good idea to take notice of where you are. You have no reference to the edges and yet you can reference what is close at hand.

It’s called mindful swimming in the ocean of life.

What would that look like?

Here are a couple of ideas to consider:

Be aware of the moment. The more awareness you have of your physical, emotional and mental state in the moment the more proficient you can be at knowing how to take care of yourself.  Then you notice your surroundings and see what there is to take action on. Living in the past or in the future will not help.

Listen to your heart pound. When stress shows up our heart rate goes up. So many of us are now conditioned to stress we do not notice the feeling of having our heart pound faster. Notice how you feel. Let your breath come into your body and even with the feeling of stress bring your awareness to yourself.

Open your Eyes. We need to open our eyes from the inside out. This level of seeing is deeper than surface looking. It is a way of coordinating your feeling with your sight. You take the next breath, the next step the next swimming stroke with eyes that see deeply.

Then possibility shows up.

When you have learned to take care of yourself in the world, you are learning to swim in the ocean being comfortable with no edges.

You don’t have to know every answer because you know possibilities will show up.

This is who you are.