The male Adelie penguins go looking for their mate among the many females on the mating grounds. Being male they strut and bray attempting to get the attention of the prettiest one. They look like well dressed butlers in their tuxedos pretending they know what they are doing. When they have caught the female eye they choose a pebble and present it to her as a gift. If she accepts it, they form a bond for life.  Such a simple ritual of love. It’s sort of like buying her a diamond ring in our culture.

Each year after their initial bonding, they will return to the mating ground and find each other. This implies they have a long distance relationship like one is in Calgary and the other in Vancouver and they come to find each other each year on the mating grounds of Maui.

Both are dressed in their tuxedos to present the most alluring figure. Unfortunately the female costume has been designed by nature so there is no choice of what to wear. What an easy decision for her!

They swim together in perfect harmony. Their sleek bodies cutting through the water of timeless attraction as humans have done since the beginning.

Oh, to love today, St. Valentine’s day. To be a part of history as we share chocolate, cards, music and love.

Let us not forget our own love.  What will you present to you today to show your affection for the perfect you?

The essence of Valentine’s Day is love. So treat yourself like the loving human you are with all the deservedness of one who is so lovable.

If you think the penguins are adorable then imagine how adorable you are!