We all know that we live our life on a moving sidewalk. That is to say, nothing remains permanent.

One moment you look up and see the trees blossoming in spring and the next moment they have lost their leaves as they prepare for winter.

However, our makeup is such that we strive for permanence, acceptance and knowing we are ok.

In our upbringing we have learned how the system works and then we spend most of our years trying to make the system work for us.

I see this in my own life right now as we reorganize our business. We are going in a new direction to bring mindfulness principles to our community.

I see this as a big change because embracing a new direction is, and always has been hard for me. 

On the other hand my life partner (Kerry) has a big capacity to embrace change quickly and move into the new dimension.

So, the lesson here is to notice how you embrace change. There is no doubt we can get better at it as we become aware and notice how we are in it. It is a principle of taking care of yourself.

One of the skills I am practicing is to embrace the impermanence.

The principle is when you try to push something away it only gets bigger and has more energy to it.

Embrace your change with a loving heart. No matter the situation allow yourself to feel the love you have for who you are in this time of change. It will reduce the feelings of worry and fear.

You will have more peace in your heart.

Take one moment at a time. Staying present in the moment allows you to bring your wisdom to what you need right now. There is no other thing to be focused on so be aware of how you are in the moment and what you need.

Embracing change with respect for yourself, a loving kindness for who you are and with patience will take you through this change and on to the next one with grace.

This is who you are.