Some say patience is a virtue. Others say to have patience is to slow everything down so that nothing gets done.

Patience, I think, is a beautiful quality to bring to your work and play. The other option many people engage in is obsession.

Obsession is that part of your adapted self that goes into solving a problem at the expense of determining whether the cost of solving the problem is worth it.

To your mind caught in obsession, the problem must be solved and many options are examined to determine the solution.

The degree of angst and fear and worry attached to obsession are hard on your heart.

Patience, on the other hand, will bring you to a place of peace.

That is because part of patience is letting go. It allows you to let go of something that you told yourself was very important.

When you attach to the outcome with a degree of obsession you look past the letting go and don’t see that option.

Patience is a peaceful place of tranquility because you are certain the path will be shown to you if you just sit quietly and wait with awareness.

You will get more done

You will feel happier.

You will have a tranquil heart.

This is who you are.