Patience is a practice of welcoming whatever comes to you with a sense of intrigue and learning. When you approach situations with fear, doubt and worry they tend to give those back to you.

How do you avoid worry?

Learn the practice of patience. This is not to say that everything you encounter must be accepted at face value. Just see what is there. Learn what you need to learn and let it go.

Hanging on to things will only bring you dismay because the nice things you want to hold on to eventually wither in your hand and the difficult things come anyway because that is part of life.

When you accept yourself as a student of life you realize there is much to learn from all that you encounter.

You have a foundation within you that is very wise. It has wisdom in spades. It is just that not having been practiced at using it the flailing around gets in the way of seeing what is to be accepted, forgiven, let go and loved in this moment.

This is all possible for you because this is who you are.