Lots of us want the way of our life to be easy.  

We want to take the easy road, the one where the path is clearly marked and lots of people can tell us where the next rest stop is.

I’ve been examining my habits, attitudes and experiences on the journey for a while now. Heck it has been probably thirty or more years.


What is there to learn anyway? Maybe you have it right. Get up in the morning go about your tasks during the day and in the evening call it over and go to bed without reflection, meditation or wonder.


That way has not been possible for me. Perhaps it was my upbringing or the experiences I’ve had along the way but I have a habit of reflection.


When things go wrong it is easy to look at them because they slap us in the face and our ego is happy to oblige with self talk that tells us exactly who we think we are, if you get my point.


The way less travelled, not the path of least resistance, is to awaken our consciousness. At least for me this the way I have chosen.


It is a life process that takes a little bit of time each day.


The more I embody the cherished light that I am the more connected I am to the events in my life.


The reality is that we are magnificent human beings taught to act and think as less than who we are.


It’s time to change the game of your life.


Take on the practice of knowing who you are by three small steps:


Intention: what do you intend for your life today?

Meditation: Give yourself five minutes of quiet time twice a day.

Visualization: Create a picture of the beautiful, cherished essence you are.



See what your experience is when you try it. It is not your time to take the path of least resistance.


This is who you are.