All of us have a self image that we live by and for. It determines the playing field of our life.  

Some of us have worked hard to protect our self image because we have given it certain characteristics that we have made more important than anything.

We live as though this is who we are.

My self image is the picture I carry of myself and act in the world as if it is me.

What attributes do you give yourself that you have learned are the bedrock of your character?


I have come to the conclusion that my view of the world based on my self image limits me as to what is possible.


The playing field we have all created called our life experience is a field of certain dimension and energy.


It is time to broaden the playing field.


As you move into the new year, what is it you are willing to try that you have wanted to try but have held back from?


For example, I have an intention to spread Hope and Inspiration around the world through my Hopeful Notes.


How do I do that? It seems an impossible dream when presented to the man in the mirror who has learned limitations as part of his self image.


So, for the new year, what if we explored together our new possibilities on a wider more expansive playing field?


It would be fun, energizing and broaden our vision of what is possible.


Send me an email with your dream.


I will set up the network so all of us can play together in our new field.


It is an expansive idea

It can be fun to go beyond the edge of your playing field.

It is daring and courageous.


It is who you are.