“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”  ― Henry Ford

Sometimes you just have to follow your passion and let everyone else catch up to you.

Henry ford quit his job to pursue the manufacture and sale of the automobile. At the time he did it there was no demand for cars. No one had even considered that they could be anything more than a novelty at best.

Your thinking is creative and comes with all the energy and passion needed to carry it out.

Obstacles get in the way in the form of naysayers or your ego but don’t let that bother you.

Go for it and think bigger than you have ever thought before.

No one can limit your thinking except you.

When you were a little tyke the giants around you told you what to do, how to think and when to talk. They even taught you that boys don’t cry and girls wear frills.

The reality of that is only as real as you keep letting it be real in your life.

Now is your time to break the mold. It is only made of clay anyway. It only looks strong and solid.

As soon as you get past your own thinking which comes from your ego then the mold is broken and there is no turning back.

Make it an urgent focus in your life now to express more than you ever thought possible for yourself.

When you do you will be closer to the authentic you than ever.

This will be an awe inspiring time.

This is who you are.