When faced with a gate go through it. The way forward is to open the gate without any evidence that your path will be visible or passable. The way to a new experience is to take the step you are most afraid of. The one that looks the hardest, the path that is the least expected.

When you take the step through the gate the path will show up. It may not be what you expect and that’s ok. You need only take one step at a time.

You don’t have to know all the steps to the destination. They will be shown when the time is right.

However, you must listen. Take a quiet moment to ask your heart what you need to ask. Listen carefully to the answer.

Then you must see what is showing up. It may not look like what you expect and still it is the right thing.

You are independent and yet we are all connected so people who come into your life are important on your life journey. They may have the key that opens the gate. As silly as this might seem everyone in your life has a role to play on your journey.

Treat them with love, compassion, patience and kindness and return the favour to yourself.

I am certain you will find your way as long as you don’t give up and turn back to see what is behind you.