The mystery is the journey of your life. We don’t always know why things happen the way they do.

A woman I know had an autistic child.

She could not understand it. Why her? This had never happened in her family.

The consequences of having her child changed the family life forever.

There are events that are like that.

The question of why will not provide the answer we seek. In fact there is no answer we could fathom that would be adequate enough to explain the most extraordinary circumstances.

However, if we can open to the mystery of the journey, we can know more fulfillment and peace in our life.

it is facing the journey and not knowing that is so difficult.

Some people wonder how they can go on in the face of the most painful experiences.

The way to go on is to be open to the mystery of life.

For, in that mystery lies understanding, compassion, love and a way forward even though the steps must be taken one at a time.

We do not know what will become known to us as a result of circumstances that are behind our control.

The mystery is the way forward even with excruciating pain.

One step at a time the mystery will unfold such that at the end of our days we will wonder how we could have so much gratitude for following this path.

This is how to not only take care of yourself but also enrich your life as you lean into the mystery with all the love and compassion you can muster.

Then take one step.

This is who you are.