I have a one track mind.  

When I get focused on a project, an idea or goal I can be dogged, determined and persistent in going the way I want to go. I see the light ahead of me and no turn will distract me.


It’s one of my more redeeming qualities, or so I thought for a long time. After many years of training, it is hard to change one’s ways even though we now know changing our mind is not as hard as we once thought.


There are two challenges with having a one track mind.


First, it leaves me with little opportunity to see new possibility. I get stuck in the rut of going where I am going without regard to consequences around me.

This has the effect of shutting out partners who might want to help, input from others who may know more than me and leaves me operating in an isolated way with the misconception  that I am doing fine.


The one track mind syndrome can be restrictive since we live our lives in relationships of all kinds.


We are blind. We don’t realize that we have been blind for a long time, perhaps many years because of our training. It is like we are on auto-pilot. We carry on, not looking, listening or paying attention to what is going on around us.


The one track mind is a difficult one for your relationships. When you take the position, “I am right” you effectively shut out your partner. When your partner feels like they cannot get you to hear them they feel hurt, isolated and sad.


The second challenge of a one track mind is it conditions us with restrictive thinking.

Our brains are powerful instruments of creativity. We know that the brain is very malleable to change, the capability of which, stays active with us well into our senior years.

Our brains are continually working with the billions of bits of information coming in. Our brain has been trained to filter out those bits that do not conform to stuff we already know.

The rest of the possibilities are zooming by without being picked up.


The pathway connections in our brain are like super highways and once they are established we tend to stick to the same pathway over and over again.


So, “I’m right” is a pathway I have chosen to stick to in order to satisfy my conditioned and comfortable pathway that was created probably when I was five.


You can change your one track mind by using one powerful technique.


That is using your power of choice to set a new intention. When you set an intention it is like setting sail on a ship with a directional finder to a new location.


Along the way you will have to make corrections because the journey is not a straight line. However, stay the course with your intention and you will actually change the pattern of the pathways in your brain.


New possibilities emerge in ways you could not imagine but I know they will emerge.


I’ve been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt.


This, in  fact, is who you are.