If nothing changes then nothing changes.

The same old life, day after day.

The rushing around, going to work, taking the kids to the arena seven days a week and wondering where home is.

Home looks like the last fast food joint you ate at.

What motivates change? 

Something within you screaming for help, that’s what.

You tell yourself in some way you are too busy to listen to it.

Wait a while, you say, things will be better next week, next month or next year.

It never really changes, does it.

Yet, the knot behind the belt buckle won’t go away.

The conditioned response is to work it off by going for a run, get in to a new relationship, take on a bigger job or just drink it away.

Whatever your mode of pushing your inner voice to the back room is, you will notice it keeps popping up now and then.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

You have the choice.

You have the means to listen to the voice within you.

It is clear.

It tells the truth.

It loves you.

It wants you to be more fulfilled than you could have ever thought.


Look within.


That is where the information is you need to make the next  move.

This is who you are