“We are here not just to subsist, to endure suffering or enjoy fleeting satisfactions and justify our existence in the eyes of others and in our own. We are here to experience the joy of living, the happiness of loving and being loved. We are here to celebrate this joy and happiness.”  Ervin Laslo  

You are not here to merely endure a subsistence life.

You are here to be present to yourself and express that which is available to you at any moment.

You may or may not know your purpose at this moment. Does that matter as to how you live?

Many times we have heard teachers of one sort or another say you were born with a purpose, all you need to do is find it and then express it.

In the meantime, what do you do if you don’t know what your purpose is?

Rest in the moment of your life and know that who you are in this moment is more than enough.

There is no need to suffer with the notion that your purpose is a fleeting wisp of cloud that you cannot grasp.

It is more cogent to pay attention to this moment. The one that is with you right now and see what is called for.

When you do that, then you are in fact expressing your purpose fully because you have fully engaged in the moment of your existence.

What other meaning is there for purpose?

This is who you are.